Wuxi Lanhai Electric Motor Co.,Ltd

About Us

As the specialized producing marine motor manufacturers,
 Wuxi Lanhai Motor Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the design,
development, production, sales and service of the marine motor
since the establishment at March, 2005. After nearly eight years
of successful development, it has got notable achievements,
completed the objectives of the business and laid a solid foundation.
The members are all from large state-owned electrical motor companies who have
extensive work experience. Some of them graduate from the marine motor professionals
 in Hunan Xiangtan Electrical Engineering College. They independently developed 600KW
lateral propulsion marine motor, small axial fan. As the unit which is first to develop
YB2 -H series motor units and develop a new type of braking systems for the lifting marine motor, t
hey cooperate with the scientific research institutes and universities,
and develop a variety of marine motor advanced in the technology and performance.